domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010


what do you think about the ghost? believe or no believe? in the movies and the books we see fiction ghos,t in my opinion i dont believe in ghost but everyone has their opinion and Many people have tried to prove its existence.

a lot of people think that the ghost are a kind of spirit but the difference is that we can´t see the spirit and the ghost are dead people who appear in anymoment.

fro example in the movie "the ghost rider" the ghost is a person but then he becomes in a good ghost who tries to save his city and the other example is the book " canterville ghost" is a ghost that scare people.

personally i dont believe in ghost because in my opinion the ghost are in our minds, we only see ghost in movies and books, others persons claim see ghost but i can be sure that this is real? if i´ve never seen one.

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010



I think the movie is very interesting, not only show how he lived his last days, and also what I struggle to make an excellent concert and that all fans be satisfied.
The film shows the preparation of the concert Michael Jackson, creativity, the preparation of the stage, dancers, sound and other amazing things that make an excellent concert.
They also show the choice of dancers who would participate in the concert, the testing of each dance and how they prepared each song and video, with their respective costumes.
we can see that in the movie, many of his friends and participants of the film, they talked about Michael Jackson.
Kenny Ortega was commissioned to conduct the concert and we see how Michael Jackson and Kenny Ortega did a great job with the dances, songs, videos. was an excellent preparation
And at the end of the film we hear the song this is it which premiered after the death of michael jackson